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The price of each painting is determined by the time invested in its creation. Each painting has a base rate of $20, (full render starting price. sketch price has a starting rate of $10.) with an additional charge of $10 for every hour spent on it.
(My average panting speed is 1-4 hours)
Once the painting is completed, I will send you a watermarked version to prevent any potential misuse. Upon receiving your payment, I will provide you with the full piece.

If there are any questions contact me on twitter (@ecocideee)



I only take cashapp, and apple pay.
More Information

I’ll inform you once I begin working on your piece. After that, feel free to request as many updates as you like until it's completed!

I try to finish paintings as quick as i can, hopefully no painting should take over a week.

A reference is essential! Please provide the most detailed description you can for the piece. The more reference images, the better. Be sure to describe exactly what you want.
If you request changes to the final piece, the working hours will still apply, and I will continue to charge $10 per hour.

I have a few guidelines regarding the art I create. I do not draw: NSFW content, Shipping art, Hate crime-related themes, Gender or race-bending of existing characters, Political art, and Fursonas(sorry..)
I have every right to deny any commission given to me!:p